Benjamin Ifill Senior

1777 - 1835

Claimant or beneficiary


Resident planter in Barbados, claimed for the enslaved people on Haggetts and Harrisons and probably also Dukes or Bell'air estates in Barbados, but then died. The compensation was awarded to his executors (and presumably sons) Benjamin and William Ifill.

Married Susanna Doughty, 18 August 1798, St Michael, Barbados.


Caribbean Marriages, 1591-1905, FamilySearch, accessed 18 February 2016.

Further Information

Susanna Doughty

Associated Claims (4)

£1,359 7s 1d
Unsuccessful claimant
£2,512 17s 3d
Deceased claimant successful
£5,433 10s 10d
Deceased claimant successful
£2,406 1s 4d
Deceased claimant successful

Associated Estates (3)

The dates listed below have different categories as denoted by the letters in the brackets following each date. Here is a key to explain those letter codes:

  • SD - Association Start Date
  • SY - Association Start Year
  • EA - Earliest Known Association
  • ED - Association End Date
  • EY - Association End Year
  • LA - Latest Known Association
1832 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

It is possible that the person returning in 1832 was Benjamin Ifill the younger rather than Ifill senior.

1817 [EA] - 1826 [LA] → Owner
1817 [EA] - → Owner

It is not clear whether it is the father or son who was the owner and returned for the Slave Registers.

Relationships (2)

Father → Son
Father → Son