Anthony Kirwan

1750 - 1829


London insurance broker at New Lloyd's, and husband of Jane Kirwan (q.v.) and brother of Clement, Matthew and Nicholas Kirwan.

  1. Report of Kirwan v Kirwan in court of exchequer 1834: Jane Kirwan, administratrix of late Anthony Kirwan claimed v Clement, Matthew and Nicholas Kirwan, West India merchants. Anthony Kirwan had lent £12,000 to his brothers, they had successively left the partnership. The dispute was whether the brothers or the continuing firm was liable for the debt to Anthony Kirwan: the court found in favour of his widow and administratrix Jane Kirwan. Report of Kirwan v Kirwan in Court of Rolls, 1839: there had been a settlement 02/05/1835 in suit entitled 'Sheldon v Kirwan' of the compensation monies for Farm and the Waterworks, by which Matthew and Elizabeth Kirwan agreed to pay £1500 to William Sheldon (who was it appears exercising his equity of redemption against the Kirwans as mortgagees) through his solicitor J.H. Forbes. Jane Kirwan as administratrix of Anthony Kirwan then sought to enforce payment of a judgement debt and to charge the compensation money (even though the Commissioners had ruled the judgement did not affect the compensation monies). On 18/03/1837 Elizabeth and Matthew Kirwan appear to have agreed to transfer the compensation to Jane Kirwan on condition she paid the £1500 to Forbes. 'Messrs. Lock' are identified as solicitors of Elizabeth Kirwan. The second Kirwan v Kirwan arose from a further dispute about Jane Kirwan's costs in this sequence.

  2. Anthony Kirwan was buried at St Pancras Middlesex 23/05/1829 aged 70. An Anthony Kirwan bachelor of St Katherine Cree had married Jane Duncan at St Anne Westminster 06/05/1815.


A.B. Leonard, London Marine Insurance 1438-1824: Risk, Trade and the Early Modern State (2022) p. 196, where he is shown as the London broker of the Bristol slave-trader William Davenport; Kent's 1794, which shows him as insurance broker at the same address - 2 Ritches Court, Lime Street - as the firm of John Kirwan & Sons merchants; T71/888 Montserrat claim no. 55 (Farm Estate).

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  2., Westminster, London, England, Church of England Marriages and Banns, 1754-1935 for Anthony Kirwan St Anne, Soho 1813-1815 [database online].

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