Charles Irvine

???? - 1798


One of the early grantees of land in Tobago, with J. Leith purchasing lots which became the Grange, Buccoo and New Grange estates, under Sandy Bay division (St Patrick parish) Lots nos. 8 & 38 (Grange), 34, 351/2 and 39 (Buccoo) and 351/2, 36 and 37 (New Grange).

  1. 'At Morton [death of] Charles Irvine, Esq of Tobago' 11/04/1798. There is an inscription for Elizabeth Irvine (d. 27/09/1791) wife of Charles Irvine of Tobago in the churchyard of St George, Arreton Isle of Wight.

  2. Charles Irvine, identified as the brother of Walter Irvine (q.v.) and Christopher [William] Irvine (also q.v.), was in Scotland for at least the period 1792-1798, according to an account of a case between Walter Irvine's daughter Elizabeth Douglas and Walter Irvine's sisters Mrs Burn, Miss Irvine, Mrs Wardrobe and Mrs Kirkpatrick, over the will of Charles Irvine and his 'large estate' in Tobago, in 1850.

  3. Charles Irvine 'in Tobago' married Rosina Edmonston in Edinburgh 26/07/1794. This is confirmed as the same man, the brother of Walter and Chrisopher William Irvine, by the identification of his widow as Rosina Irvine in accounts of the Irvine v Kirkpatrick law suit. Rosina Edmonston[e] was the daughter of James Edmonstone of Longfaugh (he was shown as deceased by the time of her marriage, and might conceivably be, or be connected with, the Edmonston who was a second wave purchaser of land in Tobago as 'Clarke and Edmonston' the owners c. 1773 of Barbados Bay division (St George parish) Lot no. 30 (200 acres, which became the Belvoir estate)).


'Tables showing the Lots in each Parish, numbered as originally granted - the original Grantee - the name of the Lot, or lots, if one has been acquired, and the present Possessor where there is one' and 'A Table, showing the Estates in cultivation in 1832, and their Owners, in 1832, copied from the list appended to Byres' map of that date, with those in cultivation in 1862', Henry Iles Woodcock, A History of Tobago (Ayr: Smith and Grant, 1867; new impression London: Frank Cass and Company Limited, 1971). The 'Present Possessor' of the former two was shown as Lord Douglas and of the latter John and Jas. Leith. In 1832 Buccoo was owned by 'Douglas and Irvine', Grange and New Grange by J. Gordon; all three were in cultivation in 1862.

NB this source shows 'C. Irvine' for Grange, 'Ch. Irvine' for Buccoo and New Grange: in principle either or both of these could be Charles' brother Christopher.

  1. Edinburgh Magazine Vol. 11 p. 320; Monumental Inscriptions St George's Churchyard, Arreton, [accessed 29/10/2013].

  2. Law Times, the Journal and Record of the Law and Lawyers (1851) Vol. 17 No. 419 pp. 32-36.

  3. David Dobson, Scots in the West Indies, 1707-1857 Vol I p. 73; Scots Magazine Vol. 56 p. 441 (which gives him as 'Charles Irving of Tobago').

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