Rev. Dr. George Chandler (née Gascoyne)

???? - 23rd Mar 1809


Youngest son of Joseph Gascoyne and Sarah nee Chandler who married in London in 1753. Changed his name to Chandler in 1793 when he inherited Seven Plantations and other property from his aunt Sarah Chandler.

  1. Matriculated at St Mary Hall, Oxford in 1779 aged 18. Ordained deacon at Christchurch, Oxford, 06/06/1784 and became rector of St Marys Hoo in 1792 (the patron was his sister Sarah Burt q.v.). Became rector of Lagenhoo, Essex, 15/01/1806 and resigned as rector of St Marys Hoo 23/01/1806. Died 23/03/1809.

  2. Heir of his aunt Sarah Chandler (q.v.), the widow of George Chandler (q.v.): the Rev. George Gascoyne changed his name to Chandler as a condition of her will.


  1., Oxford University Alumni, 1500-1886 [database online] which erroneously gives the death of his father in Chiswick in 1762 - this was in fact his great-uncle also called Joseph. A third Joseph, Lieut-Colonel Joseph Gascoyne, was the brother of George Chandler (nee Gascoyne's) and the father of Sarah Lushington (q.v.). Clergy of the Church of England Database person ID 76.

  2. PROB 11/1234/190. His own will is PROB 11/1495/321.

Further Information

Maiden Name
Mary (?-1833), Mary Harriet (1794-1818), Sarah (1800-?)

PROB 11/1495/321.

Of Myles in Essex at present residing in Baker Street Portman Square. Doctor of Laws.

To my father Joseph Gascoyne £500 per annum for life free from all deductions... to be charged on my real and personal property in the West Indies or elsewhere.

All my real and personal property whatsoever in England Jamaica or elsewhere to my dear wife Harriet Chandler and my daughters Mary Harriet, Mary and Sarah their heirs, executors, administrators, assignees as tenants-in-common and I appoint my wife guardian of my children during their minorities if she shall so long live and after her death I appoint Lady Elizabeth Waldegrave and Mary Cotton such as guardians.

Executors: wife Harriet Chandler and Henry Davidson of Bedford Square. Signed 05/02/1809.

Proved in London 28/04/1809.


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1793 [SY] - 1809 [EY] → Owner

George Gascoyne was named as the main beneficiary of the will of Sarah Chandler, so it is assumed he inherited Seven Plantations in Jamaica which had been bequeathed to Sarah by her husband George Chandler 14 years previously. The will mentions that her estate includes "plantations, negroes, stock, goods [and[ chattels" in Jamaica.

1799 [EA] - 1801 [LA] → Owner
1788 [EA] - 1800 [LA] → Owner

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Father → Daughter
Nephew → Aunt
Notes →
Sarah was married to Rev. Dr. George Chandler's uncle George Chandler (1721-1779). Rev. Dr George Chandler was the main beneficiary of her...
Nephew → Uncle
Brother → Sister
Brother → Sister
Uncle → Nephew
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Charles was married to George's niece Sarah...
Uncle → Niece
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William was married to George's daughter Mary...
Father → Daughter
Father → Daughter
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St Mary Hoo, Kent, South-east England, England