William Perrin

???? - 1759


Merchant in Jamaica who came to own Retreive, Perrin's, Forrest, Blue Mountain and Grange Hall estates. Returned to England in 1739. Died in 1759 leaving his property to his son William Philip Perrin (q.v.).

Burnett and Perrin were listed in the Jamaican Quit Rent books for 1754 as the owners of 900 acres of land in St Thomas-in-the-East. Philp and Perrin were listed in the Jamaican Quit Rent books for 1754 as the owners of 1190 acres of land in Westmoreland. William Perrin owned Retrieve in St Andrew with 368 acres of land and 124 enslaved people.

William Perrin of Vere, Esquire. Estate probated in Jamaica in 1759. Slave-ownership at probate: 135 of whom 63 were listed as male and 72 as female. 44 were listed as boys, girls or children. Total value of estate at probate: £7706.53 Jamaican currency of which £4719 currency was the value of enslaved people. Estate valuation included £0 currency cash, £0 currency debts and £203.06 currency plate.


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Further Information

William Philp (1742-1820), Sarah

PROB 11/849/234.

Will of William Perrin of the parish of Vere in the Island of Jamaica Esquire.

To my beloved son William Philip Perrin £5000 sterling at the age of 21.

To my daughter Sarah Perrin £5000 sterling on marriage or at age 21 provided her marriage is with the consent of her mother or my executors.

To my wife Frances Parrin £1500 Jamaica currency to be disposed of among my children aforesaid as she shall think proper. Also to my wife £500 sterling, all my household furniture, jewels, plate, chariot, coach and horses in England. Also to my wife during her lifetime £700 sterling per annum in lieu and barr of dower.

To my daughter Sarah £60 sterling per annum so long as she boards with my wife.

To my brother Samuel Perrin £50 sterling per annum for life.

To Mrs Margaret Bains formerly of Jamaica now of Hartlepool in England £30 sterling to be paid immediately after my decease and £55 sterling per annum for life together with a release and acquital of all the sums of money paid to and for her here and in England by myself and attorneys on condition of her waving any claim to what her nine negroes sold for since my arrival in this island.

All the rest, residue and remainder of my estate both real and personal whatsoever and wherever to my son William Philip Perrin and in case of his decease without issue then to my daughter Sarah and then my wife to take the rents and profits of the estates for her own use during the minority of my daughter.

In case of the death without issue of both son and daughter then all to go to my brother-in-law Rev. William Rothery of Chelsea and £500 sterling to Benjamin Victor late of Pall Mall in London.

My wife Frances to be executor and guardian to my children. If my wife remarries then my brother-in-law Rev. William Rothery of Chelsea and the Honorable Charles Price Esquire to be guardians.

Nominate Rev. William Rothery of Chelsea to be an executor; also Hon. Charles Price Esquire of St Catherine's Jamaica and in case of his death his son Charles Price Esquire together with Malcolm Laing Esquire of Kingston Jamaica, executors and guardians of my son. I also appoint my son as an executor.

Signed 06/07/1758.

I also hereby nominate Dr Wilbert Mathieson to be an executor and guardian of my son till he arrives at the age of 18 years and I recommend and desire that my son may correspond with and appoint him the said Dr Gilbert Mathison one of his attorneys in Jamaica. NB This codicil was not in the original will above, of 6 July 1758, as I then thought Dr Mathison had then left and declined acting for me.

Codicil dated 18/07/1758. The executors to purchase 10 new negroes at the rate of £50 each and not a higher rate for the use and behoof of Elizabeth Fickle a free mulatto woman and I give and devise and bequeath the said ten slaves to the said Elizabeth Fickle her heirs and assigns for ever. My executors to purchase a lot of land either at Spanish Town or Kingston that a house may be thereon built for the use of the said Elizabeth Fickle. My executors to get and obtain a legal conveyance to her. Also to Elizabeth Fickle for life 20 acres of land at the Retrieve plantation in St Andrew and lately in the possession of Dr John Allardice deceased, and £50 Jamaican currency per annum. She to be permitted to reside on my estate in Vere during all the days of her lifetime. And I revoke all former legacies to her.


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1759 [EA] - 1764 [LA] → Previous owner
1759 [EA] - 1763 [LA] → Previous owner
1759 [EA] - 1764 [LA] → Previous owner
1741 [EA] - 1741 [LA] → Mortgage Holder

D239 M/E 16520 Description:
Copy mortgage in fee in £4079 by Mark Hall of St. Mary, Jamaica, esq. to Mathias Philp and William Perrin of Kingston merchants, and Samuel Spencer of the same place merchant of a half share in the Orange River Plantation in the parish of St. Mary. Plan and list of negroes annexed. Philp and Perrin advance £3054, Spencer £1029. Dated 2 March 1740/41

- 1759 [EY] → Owner
1759 [EA] - 1761 [LA] → Previous owner
1753 [EA] - → Owner
1759 [EA] - 1764 [LA] → Previous owner

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