Walter McInnes

???? - 1827


Executor of the late Thomas Davidson of Harvey Vale estate, Carriacou, in 1817. In partnership with Robert Starret (q.v.) in Grenada. Stephen Mullen shows him as returning to Glasgow and dying there in 1827.

  1. 'In 1824, he owned a one-third share in the 374-acre sugar estate Mount Rich in the parish of St Patricks in Grenada. Back in Glasgow by 1826, he accumulated a large fortune in long-term dealings with Glasgow firm John Campbell senior & Co., most likely from the proceeds of sugar imported to Glasgow. He was worth over £20,000 when he died in January 1827 in his landed estate in Dumbarton in Scotland.'

  2. Another Walter McInnes, with ties to the Caribbean, was living at West Regent Street, Glasgow, in the census of 1841, age 60, of independent means, not born in county, with servants Agnes Watson and Fanny Robertson (these servants were later bequeathed £200 in his will).


T71/267 pp. 234-238.

  1. Stephen Mullen, Glasgow's Sugar Aristocracy in the British Atlantic World [MS] which cites Walter McInnes, NRS, SC65/34/1, ‘Inventory of the Personal Estate of the late Walter MacInnes formerly of Carriacou’, 28 April 1827, pp. 258-275.

  2. 1841 census online. SC36/51/22 - precis. Walter McInnes, lately merchant now residing in Wellington Street, Glasgow. All estate to John Bannerman, merchant in Glasgow, Alexander Donovan, accountant there, and Adam Monteith, writer there, in trust for the following purposes. First, payment of just debts and funeral expenses. Second, to Mrs Margaret McInnes my sister consanguinean, spouse of Hugh Campbell at Dennyloanhead for her life interest use and to her children equally £500. A further £500 each with the same conditions to my three other sisters consanguinean: Mrs Catherine McInnes, spouse of John Bain, butcher in Dunblane; Janet McInnes, spouse of Duncan Buchanan, residing in Aberfoyle; Christian McInnes, spouse of John Buchanan, residing in Carrowbridge. £500 with the same conditions to be shared equally between the children of the deceased Jeanitt McInnes my sister sanguinean, spouse of Henry Doig residing in Stirling. My trustees to lay out and employ £1,000 sterling in the purchase of an annuity fo the behoof of Elizabeth Ann Brabbin of the Island of Martinique independently of any husband she may marry. To Agnes Watson and Frances Robertson, my servants, £200. To my pastor Rev. Dr. Norman McLeod, minister of the Columba Gaelic Church in Glasgow £500. To my trustees £200 each. All rest and residue to my surviving brother cosanguinean Andrew McInnes residing in Upper Canada. Trustees to be executors. Signed 03/11/1845.

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The specific relationship between these two has not been traced but they were co-owner of Mount Rich in Grenada and John McInnes might have inherited Auchenfroe in Dunbartonshire from...
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79 West Regent Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Central Scotland, Scotland
Wellington Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Central Scotland, Scotland