John Kingston of Clarence Terrace

1780 - 1839

Claimant or beneficiary


NB there is some potential confusion between John Kingston of Clarence Terrace in this entry and John Kingston of Copthall Chambers (q.v.). The two men had roles as executors of the wills of John Kingston MP and Robert Kingston (each of whom q.v.).

  1. The will of John Kingston of Clarence Terrace was proved 29/10/1839. In it he identified his wife as Harriet Ann and left initially £2300 (reduced in a codicil to £1300) to each of his children Peter Nugent, Arthur Burrard [sic] RN, Ernest, Emily, Louisa and Laura, and his married daughter Eleanor Olebar. Peter Nugent (baptised 1805) and possiby other earlier children were the result of a marriage with a woman named Julia: Eleanor and Laura are known from baptism records to be the children of his marriage with Harriet Rooke, at Boldre in Hamphire in 1812. His executors were Ellis [Watkin] Cunliffe of Acton Park [who had married Caroline Kingston, daughter of John Kingston MP] and William Rooke, a brother-in-law. In a codicil, he left £50 each to his sister Sophia and to Caroline Rooke (as well as to his relation Robert Kingston R. Navy). The name of his sister Sophia and the presence of Ellis Watkin Cunliffe among the executors suggest that this was the son of John Kingston MP (q.v.), as does the naming practice for his son Arthur Burrard: Burrard was the name of the 'interest' on which John Kingston MP had come into his seat in Lymington, but there is no direct evidence in the will of John Kingston of Clarence Terrace of his father, or a profession, or of property in British Guiana. In the compensation records the executor of John Kingston MP is identified as John Kingston of Gloucester Place. A different John Kingston lived at 81 Gloucester Place in the 1830s, but John and Harriet Ann Kingston were shown as of Gloucester Place in the baptism record of their daughter Laura in 1826.

  2. John Kingston Esq. of Clarence Terrace was buried 28/09/1839 aged 58 at St Marylebone.

  3. Cambridge University Alumni has an entry for John Kingston as follows: 'Adm. pens. (age 19) at ST JOHN'S, July 3, 1799. [S. of John, of Oak Hill, Herts., and Belmont, London, M.P., merchant, and director of the Sierra Leone Company, 1806-12 [and Jane, dau. of Valentine Knightley, M.P. for Northampton]. School, Eton. Kept one term by residence; name off the books, Oct. 27, 1800. Commissioner of Stamp Duties, 1819; re-appointed on several occasions, but not in 1827. Married, Dec. 15, 1829, Louisa Henrietta, dau. of Sir Charles Edmonstone, Bart., by his 2nd wife, the Hon. Louisa Hotham. Died Sept. 22, 1839, aged 59. (Eton Sch. Lists, St John's Coll. Adm., IV. 348; G. Mag., 1839, II. 545.)'.

  4. The birth and death-dates for this John Kingston of St John's Cambridge identify him as John Kingston of Clarence Terrace (as well as the son of John Kingston MP). However, as noted above, the wife in the will of John Kingston of Clarence Terrace was not Louisa Henrietta, but Harriet Ann, who was still alive in 1839. John Kingston of Clarence Terrace's early children were the result of a first marriage, to a woman named Julia; his later children, from Eleanor to Laura, were with Harriet Ann and baptised at St Marylebone and at St Mary Bryanston Square between 1813 and 1826. By contrast, among the children baptised by John Kingston and Louisa Henrietta Kingston at St Mary Bryanston Square between 1831 and 1839 (Alice Frances; John Hotham; Charles Fullarton, Emma Susannah, Henrietta Emily, Mary Emilia), John Hotham is identified as the son of John Kingston d. 1881 in the National Probate Calendar, while Alice might be the same Alice aged 18 in the 1851 census living with John Kingston d. 1881. In 1851 John Kingston d. 1881 also had living with him Louisa aged 20 and Charlotte aged 17; in 1861 Charlotte was still living with him, as was John H. No baptism has yet been found for Charlotte.


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  4. Peter Nugent Kingston was baptised at St Marylebone 22/10/1805 to John and Julia Kingston; Eleanor Kingston was baptised at St Marylebone 31/01/1813 to John and Harriet Ann Kingston; Laura was baptised to John and Harriet Kingston 13/09/1826 (when their address was given as Gloucester Place: Court directories for the mid-1820s show John Kingston Esq. at 69 Gloucester Place),, London, England, Birth and Baptisms, 1813-1906 [database online].

Further Information

(1) Julia (2) Harriet[t] Ann
Peter Nugent, Arthur Burrard, Ernest, Eleanor, Emily, Louisa
St John's College, Cambridge

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£7,632 8s 3d
Unsuccessful claimant (Executor or executrix)

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Clarence Terrace, London, Middlesex, London, England