William Fraser of Goldstone Hall

1787 - 1830


William Fraser of Goldstone Hall, British Guiana, died at Tain c. 1830, father of Anna Maria Fraser (q.v.).

  1. Will of William Fraser of Berbice proved 22/01/1831. In the will made 30/0/1/1830 he described himself as living at Pln Voorburg or Coorburg (which has not yet been identified) in Berbice. Among other specific legacies, he gave £100 to the poor of Cromarty, made provision for the manumission of two enslaved people on Goldstone Hall, and left a legacy to the head carpenter on the estate. The remainder of his estate he left to six people, namely: John Fraser, George Fraser and Joan Fraser, all children of Elizabeth Swain Bannister deceased of this island; Anna Maria Fraser daughter of Mary Stuart of the Island of Barbadoes, Elizabeth Munro daughter of Mrs Munro of Rosshire and 'my sister' Elizabeth Bain born Fraser. A codicil stated that he had subsequently married, to a woman named Elizabeth, and that he had agreed to purchase an estate, Braelangwell, which he left to his wife and children, including Anna Maria Fraser: if the estate purchase did not go through he willed the purchase money - £10,000 - to be divided between his wife and children.

  2. In addition to the estates with which he was connected, in the 1818 registration he made a return in Berbice for 26 (20 male, 6 female) of his own apparently unattached enslaved people, and for 16 (9 male,6 female) more on behalf of John, George and Elizabeth Fraser .


  1. PROB 11/1780/160.

  2. T71/437 p. 139.

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£17,204 19s 0d
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The father of Elizabeth Swain Bannister's children might have been William...
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Tain, Ross-shire, Highlands & Islands, Scotland