Hon. Benjamin Amory Esq.

???? - 20th Jan 1819


  1. Amory was the son of Benjamin Amory Sr., of St. Christopher, and Mary Amory nee Somersall, daughter of Anthony Somersall. He was appointed to the Council of St. Christopher in 1809 by Council President John Julius. He was an executor of John Julius' will, after Julius died in 1812. His second daughter, Ann Sherry [or Stephens] Amory, died aged 10 on 8 June 1817. He died two years later at the age of 51 and was buried on 26 January 1819 .

  2. Will of Benjamin Amory Esq [formerly of the island of St Christopher but at present] of the City of Bath proved 19/08/1819. Under the will he ordered his house and land in the town of Basseterre be sold, and left legacies of £100 p.a. and £50 p.a. respectively to his sister Ann Palmer and Elizabeth Coram [not further identified], and £100 p.a. to his daughter Mary Sharry Amory, together with whatever stood to her credit in his books from her grandfather Daniel Sharry and a capital sum of £6000, if she died before 21 with issue that sum to be invested in 3% consols and the interest paid to her children. He wished his son John James Amory to be educated at Oxford or Cambridge and to have an allowance of £400 p.a. while he was there. He asked his executors to complete the purchase of an estate in the parish of St George Basseterre from David Albemarle Dewar Bertie, and left both that estate and Clay Hill in St Peter to his son John James Amory, subject to several monetary legacies of £100-200 each.


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  2. PROB 11/1619/239.

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Polly Earle Amory
At least three including John James Amory and Ann Stephens [Sherry] Amory

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The Slave Register of 1822 notes that he is deceased.

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Bath, Somerset, South-west England, England