James Maxwell merchant of Barbados

???? - 1813


Probably the same man as the James Maxwell deceased owner of Tempe and Nursery in Berbice in 1818.

  1. The will of James Maxwell merchant of Barbados was proved 11/03/1814. In it he refers to his property in Berbice as well as Barbados. After he had provided for his wife Mary Maxwell with an annuity of £300 p.a. currency on top of the £200 p.a. currency under his marriage settlement, 'out of my estate called the Hope' (and confirmed the reversion to his wife of 'sundry slaves', received from her late father Mr Richard Morgan, and left her his 'mulatto slave named Frank and my cook man Bob'), his residual legatee was Ann Hinds, described as his daughter the widow of Benjamin Hinds, but in the description of the said Ann Hinds as executor, she is described as his sister.


  1. PROB 11/1554/111.

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West Indian
Mary Morgan

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