Christopher Waterton

1746 - 1809


Uncle of Charles Waterton the naturalist, husband of Anne Waterton and father of Robert, Agnes, Matilda, George and Henry Waterton.

  1. Christopher's nephew Charles Waterton, later an eminent naturalist, managed the family estates in British Guiana 1805-1812. Charles wrote: "Our family found its way to the New World in the following manner: - My father's sister [Anne] was remarkably handsome. As she was one day walking in the streets of Wakefield, a gentleman, by name [Michael] Daly, from Demerara, met her accidentally, and fell desperately in love with her: they were married in due course of time, although the family was very much averse to the match. Soon after this, my father's younger brother [Christopher], who had no hopes at home on account of the penal laws, followed his sister to Demerara, and settled there."

  2. Christopher, son of Charles Waterton Esquire of Walton Hall was baptised at Sandal Magna, St Helen, Yorkshire, in October 1746. His children Robert and Matilda were baptised in Catholic ceremonies in 1801 and 1803.

  3. Will of Christopher Waterton [late of Demerara a Dutch settlement in the coast of Guiana but now of Woodlands in the parish] of Adwick Le Street Yorkshire proved 22/11/1809. The will was a second will supplementing one made in Demerara in 1797, which identified his estates as La Jalousie, Le Bienfait, Windsor and Fellowship and his wife as Ann Waddell, formerly widow of the late Mr M.S. Birmingham. The second will showed him having purchased the Woodlands estate in Yorkshire.

  4. Ann Waterton, widow of Christopher Waterton of Woodlands, York afterwards of Demerara, West Indies (who died abroad in New York, North America) was proved in 1823.

  5. Charles Waterton's collection is held at his alma mater Stonyhurst College and is the subject of an exhibition at Wakefield Museum in 2020.


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Further Information

Anne Waddell
Robert, Agnes, Matilda, George, Henry

PROB 11/1506/79 - precis.

[First part: "translated from the Low Dutch", written in 1797]

To my sister Ann Daly, and if she die before me then to her son Thomas Aleysius Daly, 5,000 guilders.

To the Negress called Diana likewise during her lifetime 500 guilders and to both the mulatto children named Sally and Samuel in like manner yearly during their lifetimes each the sum of 500 guilders. Confirmation of the manumission of Diana and her children dated 27 May last.

To my trusty Bamba Ishaul as a reward for his services 300 guilders likewise during his lifetime, with confirmation of his manumission dated 25 May last.

The above sums to be paid from the revenues of La Jalousie.

One half of my property consisting of La Jalousie, Le Beinfait, the Windsor and the Fellowship in Essequibo and Demerary to my wife Ann Waddell, formerly widow of the late Mr M. S. Birmingham. She to have power to dispose of this in such manner as she shall think proper, on the condition that she shall be obliged in case she should come to have a child or children by me, to leave to them at her decease the half of what is bequeathed to her.

The remaining half to the child or children begotten by me on my said wife. But on the predecease of them or in case I die without leaving any child or children then this half to my brother Thomas Waterton.

Executors to be my brother Thomas Waterton, Messrs John McKirdy, Thomas Jones and John Waddell, and they also guardians of minor children.

[Second part, written in 1804 at Woodlands, near Doncaster]

Late of Demerara but now of Woodlands, Adwick le Street, Yorkshire. Affirmation of first will in Dutch. This new part to be a codicil.

To my wife, my stock in the public funds of Great Britain and my house at Woodlands.

To my nephew Thomas Daly, £1,000 in addition to the 500 guilders previously bequeathed to him.

To the younger children of my brother Thomas Waterton, £2,000.

To my nephew Christopher Waterton, £1,000.

Whereas my brother Thomas Waterton has left me as his sole executor and guardian of his younger children, on my death his wife Mrs Ann Waterton and her eldest son Charles Waterton to be executors and guardians of Thomas Waterton.

My wife and my nephew Charles Waterton to be sole executors and guardians to my children.

Signed 01/07/1805.

[Codicil signed 1808, removing John McKirdy as exectuor and nominating his wife Ann, brother Thomas Waterton, John Waddell and nephew Charles Waterton as executors.]

Proved at London 22/11/1809.

Roman Catholic

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Walton Hall, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Yorkshire, England
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