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  1. Robert Lumley and Margaret Lumley, "children of colour", were baptised in Westmoreland 26/12/1806 and presumably were the reputed children left £500 currency each in the will of Purchas Lumley made in 1824.

  2. Possibly the Purchas Lumley esq who married Jane Wilson, spinster (both of the parish of Westmoreland) by licence, 29/03/1821. He named his wife as Jane Clarke Lumley in his will written in 1824.


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Further Information

Jane Clarke Wilson

Entered 10/06/1825 in Jamaica. Proved 23/10/1855 in London.

Purchas Lumley of the parish of Westmoreland.

Payment of just debts and funeral expenses.

To my dear beloved wife Jane Clarke Lumley £500 currency anually during her natural life and one pair of horses, harness and chase, six silver tea, twelve table, six desert and one gravy spoon, one silver soup ladle, one tea pot, one sugar dish, one anit[?] pot, one fish slice, two butter ladles and six silver forks and glass ware one sopha, one bedstead and bed complete, one chest of drawers, basin, stand etc for to furnish a bedroom, pianoforte, one set of china and buffet, a large set of dining tables, one toilet table, twelve chairs, one portable writing desk and all my pictures, in lieu of her thirds. If she claims her thirds, this above bequest is null and void and of no effect.

To my reputed son Robert Lumley my gold watch chain and seal, makers name Barradow No. 7920, and my wearing apparel, clothes, saddiery etc, also the sum of £500 currency.

To my reputed daughter Margaret Lumley now Mrs Bart, £500 currency.

To my brother Thomas Lumley, Grimsby in Lincolnshire, £100 sterling [p.a.] for his natural life.

To my brother Robert Lumley, Brunton on Swale, Yorkshire, £100 sterling [p.a.] for his natural life. Those sums to begin to be paid one year after my death.

To my brother Thomas Lumley's three daughters Sarah now Mrs Boyd, Martha, Ann and Mary Ann my nieces, £300 sterling to each.

To my brother Robert Lumley's seven children my nephews and nieces £200 each, namely Mary, Henry, Thomas, Robert, Edward, Christopher and George.

To my esteemed [?] [?] sister in law £200 currency as a testament of regard for her.

To my reputed two sons by Elizabeth Jeroam, £100 currency each.

All the land that I die possessed of not attached to the Estate may be sold to the best advantage and applied to the discharge of my debts.

The rest of my estate both real and personal jointly to my nephews William Lumley son of my brother Thomas Lumley and John Purchas Lumley son of my brother Robert Lumley for them to hold jointly and to their heirs lawfully begotten.

Joseph Stone Williams Esquire, my dear wife Jane Clarke Lumley and James Lawson Esquire, all of the parish of Westmoreland Jamaica, and John Plummer, William Wilson and my nephew William Lumley in England to be my executors and trustees.

Signed 01/11/1824.

Codicil - It is my will that none of the bequests is to be paid or bear interest till the mortgage to J. Plummer & Co. now Plummer and Wilson be paid except my dear wife £500 currency annually. Also my negro boy named James Harris to her and her heirs. It is my wish that my wife may live at Richmond Lodge if she chooses.


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£2,752 15s 4d
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1817 [EA] - → Attorney

Shown as one of two trustees for Messrs Bogles of Kingston.

1823 [EA] - → Owner
1826 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Previous owner
1810 [EA] - 1823 [LA] → Owner
1817 [EA] - → Trustee and Executor
1825 [EA] - 1829 [LA] → Mortgagee-in-Possession
1817 [EA] - → Attorney
1817 [EA] - → Trustee and Executor