John Packwood Jennings

???? - 1823


In 1817 J.P. Jennings registered 101 enslaved people (with no estate designated) as joint proprietor with John Murray in Demerara, and separately 156 enslaved people on Vriesland, again with John Murray.

  1. Will of John Packwood Jennings of Demerary proved 30/08/1827 (but made in 1823). In the will he left 1000 guilders to his wife Tomlise living at present at Mr Anthony Osborne's; the girl Margaret property of the testator to be made free; fifteen joes ('say £330') to the driver Henry the property of the testator and the same sum to his wife Isabella the like wise; his plate to Anthony Osborne; the residue of his estate to his brother-in-law John Murray of Glasgow and his wife Anne born Jennings requesting them to continue to the testator's brother Joseph Clayton Jennings the sum of £200 p.a. from the testator's property in the West Indies. He also asked his 'brother and sister' John and Anne to take under their charge the testator's two children John and Eliza ('children of the girl Betsey'). The probate described John Packwood Jennings as merchant and showed him dying in November 1823.


  1. PROB 11/1729/447.

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