Richard Erle Drax Grosvenor [II]

1797 - 1828


The only son of Richard Erle Drax Grosvenor (1762-1819). Brother-in-law of John Samuel Wanley Sawbridge Erle-Drax (q.v.). The 1829 and 1832 Barbados Slave Register returns for Drax Hall, Barbados were filed by Forster Clarke on behalf of the estate of R. E. D Grosvenor.
No will found. His estates passed to his sister Jane, the wife of John Samuel Wanley Sawbridge.
MP for New Romney, 22 February 1819-1826.


For Richard Edward Erle Drax Grosvenor (1797-1828), of Charborough Park, nr. Blandford Forum, Dorset see, among others, Entry by David R. Fisher, History of Parliament online.
Barbados Slave Register, 1829: TNA, T71/543, pp. 36-7; Barbados Slave Register, 1832: TNA, T71/550, pp. 38-9.

Further Information

Westminster [1809-1810 ]
Christ Church, Oxford [1815 ]

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1819 [EA] - 1828 [LA] → Previous owner

It is assumed that Richard Erle Drax Grosvenor took ownership on the death of his father - also called Richard Erle Drax Grosvenor (q.v.) - in 1819. In the 1820 Slave Register, John Mayers was shown as selling to 'Earl Grosvenor' 38 enslaved people.

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New Romney Kent
1819 - 1826

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Son → Father