Thomas Kington senior

1771 - 1827


Father of Thomas Kington the younger and brother-in-law of Philip John Miles (each of whom q.v.). It is not yet clear whether he had any involvement in the West Indies, but his will shows no signs of either 'slave-property' or involvement in mercantile pursuits.

  1. Will of Thomas Kington of Charlton House Somerset proved 15/11/1827. He made no provision for his daughters on the basis that they would be entitled to their share of £70,000 3 per cent stock on the death of their mother (Charlotte nee Miles). He left his personalty to his wife Charlotte for life and then to his son William Miles Kington, and his real estate to his son Thomas Kington.


PROB 11/1731/283.

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Charlotte Miles

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Father → Son

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Charlton House, Somerset, South-east England, England