Dr Fyffe Elletson King

???? - 1806


Resident slave-owner in Jamaica dying between 1806 and 1814.

  1. Will of Fyffe otherwise Fife Elletson King of Westmoreland proved 25/02/1814. He bequeathed the amount of money he had with Hibbert Fuhr and with John Wedderburn, all of the City of London, for the education of his children, the eldest named but not yet baptised John Lewis King born 1804 and the second named but not yet baptised Fife Elletson born 1806, and the third with whom his wife Mary was then enceinte. His residuary heirs were his children at 21: he made no separate provision for his wife (who was sole executrix), possibly because of a marriage settlement with her, although none is referred to in the will.

  2. According to the University of Glasgow website, 'Fyffe Elletson King (Fife Ellason King) matriculated at the University in 1780. He was the eldest son of Thomas, described as a merchant in Jamaica, who was part of "Camden, Calvert and King", London's biggest slave trading company.' [The will proved in 1824 of Thomas King of Stamford Hill (q.v.), believed by LBS to have been the Thomas King of Camden, Calvert & King, makes no reference to the family of a deceased son named Fyffe Elletson King].


  1. PROB 11/1552/476. The will is catalogued by TNA as 'Fyffe Elletson otherwise Fife King'.

  2. The University of Glasgow Story, https://www.universitystory.gla.ac.uk/biography/?id=WH25675&type=P [accessed 19/10/2018]. The site gives a death-date of 1814.

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