John Cruikshank

???? - 1787


Owner of Ballard's Valley and Berry Hill Pen in Jamaica, dying in London c. 1787, father of 'reputed sons' James Cruikshank and Capt. John Cruikshank, and father-in-law of Mary Cruikshank (q.v.), who was paid the compensation for Ballard's Valley and Berry Hill Pen.

  1. Will of John Cruikshank of [the parish of St Mary in the Island of Jamaica but now residing in] Percy Street, Rathbone Place, Middlesex proved 01/12/1787. He left Ballard's Valley and Berry Hill Pen, and the enslaved people upon them, in trust to 'my cousin John Elmslie of the City of London, merchant', George Glenney [sp?] of Lewisham, William Semple of Bath and Robert Cooper Lee of Bedford Square for six years, and then a moiety to pass to each of 'my reputed son John Cruikshank (now a Captain in his Majesty's 36th regiment of foot)' and 'my reputed son James Cruikshank.' His 'reputed daughter' Mary Cruikshank was living with him at the time he made his will in 1785. He set aside the interest at 5% on £10,000 of capital for her use so long as she did not marry 'Jennings', the son of 'Sir Philip Jennings Clerke, Baronet.' If she did marry him, she would receive one shilling.


  1. PROB 11/1160/6; Sir Philip Jennings Clerke was MP for Totnes 1768-1788,

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John; James

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