William Thompson

???? - 1817


  1. Will of William Thompson [late of Jamaica] but now of the City of Bath [made in 1816] proved 13/05/1817. In the will he left to Charles Nicholas Pallmer (q.v.), the son of his dear and worthy friend Charles Palmer [sic] of Jamaica, his estates called Spring Vale in St John and Rosehill in Clarendon, together with the enslaved people on them. He left £1000 to Mrs Eliza Peters Washington Parker, the wife of Thomas John Parker (both of whom q.v.), with the stipulation that Thomas John Parker should have nothing to do with the money, £500 each to two daughters of the Parkers, one Thompson's god-daughter and the other the god-daughter of his [Thompson's] deceased wife and a further £500 to Antonetta Ellis daughter of John Ellis, a further god-daughter of Thompson's wife. After further monetary legacies totalling £3700 he left his residuary estate to Charles Nicholas Pallmer.


  1. PROB 11/1592/239

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In his will proved 13/05/1817, William Thompson formerly of Jamaica but then of Bath left the Spring Vale estate in St John to Charles Nicholas Pallmer.

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Bath, Somerset, South-west England, England