Lieut. Edward Hooker Chiles R.N.

1792 - ????


  1. Son of Edward Chiles of Chatham, Kent, a carpenter, later given as shipwright, and his wife Ann nee Hooker. Midshipman in the Royal Navy from 1812; Lieutenant from 1824.

  2. Brother-in-law of Richard Edward Cardin (q.v., who married Chiles's sister Ann). "He did some work for Richard and Richard Edward helping manage some of the many plantations in St. Kitts in a pinch." Listed as manager of Lamberts in 1831. Edward Hooker Chiles, Lieut. R.N. became a member of the Clarence Lodge of Freemasons at Sandy Point, St Kitts, in 1835.


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Sailor (Royal Navy)

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