David McEwen

???? - 1838

Claimant or beneficiary


Slave-owner in Grenada, owner of Saint Cyr and co-owner of Nettle Point. As His Majesty's Receiver for Confiscated Properties, he also held a number of estates with the enslaved people upon them on Grenada.

  1. Will of David McEwen of island of Grenada [made in 1837] proved 30/11/1838. In the will he left £200 to each of two natural daughters and £150 each to two natural sons, his children with Florine Chatteau of Grenada. He left Saint Cyr in trust, subject to an annuity of £100 p.a. settled in 1833 on his wife Sophia Marcia, to fund an annuity of £30 p.a. to Florine Chatteau, and to fund his son Archibald McEwen through a divinity decree at Cambridge and to take holy orders. The estate itself and the services of the apprenticed labourers on it were to pass in 1/4 shares to each of his sons Samuel David McEwen and Archibald McEwen, to the children of his late daughter Margaret, wife of James McWilliam of Jamaica, and to his daughter Sarah, the widow of Archibald MacDowall [?].

  2. David McEwen's son and co-heir Archibald McEwen completed his degree. 'Adm. pens. (age 18) at MAGDALENE, Mar. 24, 1836. S. of David, Esq., of Grenada. School, private. Matric. Michs. 1836; B.A. 1840; M.A. 1843. Ord. deacon (Salisbury) 1840; priest (Chichester) 1841; C. of Semington, Wilts., 1840-6. Inc. of St. John's, Dumfries, 1846-83. Resided latterly at Carlisle, where he died, Sept. 28, 1904, aged 87. (Crockford; Cambridge Chronicle, Oct. 7, 1904.)'


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Further Information

Magdalene College, Cambridge [1836-1840 (BA); MA 1843 ]

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£4,546 5s 0d

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