George McKenzie Parker

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Planter in Clarendon, Jamaica. Died at some point between April 1824 and March 1826.

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PROB 11/1886/452 - precis.

George McKenzie Parker of the parish of Clarendon.

To my son Thomas Parker wholely and solely whatsoever I may die possessed both real and personal except the following.

To Walter J. Carruthers my draft horse (Sandy Rose).

To David Steele my gold watch (Makers name J. G. Ffearn of Cornhill London).

To Margaret Miller a free person of colour my horse (Marquis) for her kindness and attention to my little boy in case he should die.

To my brother Henry Parker "I give and bequeath everything he would be entitled too... and his heirs for ever.

Henry Parker and Walter J. Carruthers to be my executors trusting the former will take care of my son and have a good plain education given him.

Signed 14/04/1824.


It is my wish and desire that Susannah Arthur, her son James Arthur and her daughter Lydia Williams should belong to David Steel his heirs and assigns for ever. Signed 15/04/1824.

27/11/1837. Administration granted to Mary Elizabeth Pennant Bryan, spinster, the lawful cousin german once removed and guardian of Thomas Parker a minor, the son and residuary legatee. Sarah McKenzie Parker, spinster, Rachael Stevens Parker, spinster, Henry James Parker and George Parker the lawful cousins german and only next of kin of the said minor being in their respective minorities. Henry Parker the brother and Walter Joseph Carruthers the executors died without proving the will.


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Father → Son
Testator → Executor
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In 1837, Mary Elizabeth Pennant Bryan took on the administration of the will of her 'cousin german' George McKenzie Parker after the death of his executors, and became guardian to his minor children....