George Udny

???? - 1830


Son of Ernest and Sarah Udny of Aberdeen and Grenada. The Udny family had been connected with the West India trade since the early 18th century and had interests in Grenada and Jamaica. Ernest's father James Udny and brother Robert were West India Merchants. George Udny joined the East India Company as a Writer in 1778 and posted to Bengal. George Udny was married to Temperance Sophia, with whom he had 9 children; 3 daughters - Temperence Udney, Fanny Udney, Emily Udney [sic]; and 6 sons - George Udny, Richard Udny, Ernest Augustus, Charles Grant Udny, Archibould Udny and John Septimus Udny. All 5 sons except for Ernest Augustus joined the EIC. Ernest was left in the care of George Udny's mother Sarah Udney; he died in Chichester, Sussex, in 1808 age 7.

George Udny died in Calcutta 1830, aged 70. A marble was dedicated to him in the Old Church, Calcutta, which read: 'This marble is dedicated by the Trustees of the Old Church to the Memory of George Udny, Esq., late of the Honourable Company's Bengal Civil Service, and many years a member of this congregation; whose exertions in the cause of religion generally, and in the circulation of the Holy Scriptures particularly, have well entitled him to this token of grateful remembrance.'

See also entry for Temperance Sophia Udny.


Bengal Obituary, 1851, Dedicated by Holmes & Co., Calcutta, 1851) [available online:]. memorial ID 139965851 for Ernest Augustus Udny.

Robert Udney, Twickenham Museum

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Temperance Sophia
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