William Finlason

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Owner of Mount Zion estate in St Elizabeth, Jamaica, which he left in trust for his three sons. In London when he made his will in 1807, about to go out to Jamaica. Deceased by 1818. Not to be confused with William Finlason/Finlayson, owner of Woodlands estate in St Elizabeth who was still alive in 1831.

  1. An online family tree gives William Finlason as the son of Thomas Finlason and Annie nee Luttman, and married to Frances Mary Pight in St Elizabeth 03/06/1793. His children included Elizabeth Jane Seton, Mary Anne Buchanan and Thomas Finlason (all q.v.). In fact, William was the nephew of Thomas Finlason, described as such in Thomas's will.


  1. Sally Channing, 'Westcott Family Tree', Ancestry.com, http://trees.ancestry.co.uk/tree/6968870/person/195674516 [accessed 06/04/2015]; email from Andrew Finlason sourced to the will of Thomas Finlason held at the Jamaica Archives.

We are grateful to Andrew Finlason for his assistance with compiling this entry.

Further Information

Thomas, William, John, Elizabeth Jane, Mary Frances

PROB 11/1607/354 - precis.

William Finlason of Holborn London, West India planter, being in perfect health and of sound mind purposing shortly to go out to Jamaica.

To my friend John Plummer of Camberwell, Surrey Esquire and by beloved sister Elizabeth Finlason of Dolphin Court Holborn spinster, my plantation or coffee settlement Mount Sion in the Santa Chuz Mountains in St Elizabeth, Jamaica in trust. A house of public worship be erected and some very worthy Moravian minister residing in the parish be requested to preach to the Negroes as often as convenient. My three sons Thomas, William and John to be educated and put to some profession or business as soon as their education is completed. Reasonable sums for their clothing and maintenance be paid out of the trust property. A reasonable sum also be paid for the clothing and maintenance of my two daughters Mary Ann and Elizabeth Finlason. Executors and trustees to make some such sum of money as they shall think proper to my daughters. My plantation to remain in trust until each of my three sons reaches the age of 25 years. Then 1/3 to each of them, share and share alike. If my executors think any of my sons should turn out ill and by gaming, dueling, borrowing money of usurers to squander away and give just cause of suspicion to my executors then my said guardians can keep him out of possession but give him an annuity from the estate. If any of my sons should die before age 25, the estate to be divided between the others.

An annuity of £50 pa to my sister Elizabeth Finlason out of Mount Zion estate. £300 to John Plummer of Camberwell.

Executors, trustees and guardians to be John Plummer and Elizabeth Finlason.

Signed 27/08/1807.

Proved in London 25/08/1818 by John Plummer Esquire, one of the executors.

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