John Fisher

???? - 1839


Luana and Union estates in St Elizabeth, Jamaica were held in trust for John Fisher. The compensation was paid to his son Rev. John Campbell Fisher as executor of John Fisher's father-in-law Robert Campbell for non-payment of a judgement bond of £9000. Described as of Bishops Hull, Somerset: see entry for his son Rev. John Campbell Fisher. Brother of James Fisher of Lincolns Inn (q.v.) and almost certainly the son of John Fisher of Greenwich (q.v.).

  1. The will of John Fisher of East Budleigh Devon was proved 05/09/1839 (made in 1837). Under it, he left all his estates in Jamaica, and the 'negroes, cattle, implements and utensils thereon', to his son John Campbell Fisher and daughter Isabella Anne Fisher in trust, with the benefits divided half to John Campbell Fisher, a quarter to Isabella Anne Fisher and a quarter to their sister Charlotte Harriot Catherine Jones. His residuary legatee was Isabella Anne Fisher.

  2. In the will of John Fisher Weare of Long Ashton Somerset (brother of William Weare, q.v.), proved 12/02/1816, he stated that John Fisher of Tidswell House Otterton near the City of Exeter was indebted to him for £3700 and for further amounts to Braikenridge & Honywill, but that if Fisher would consign from his estates all in St Elizabeth Jamaica 150 hogsheads of sugar or 150 puncheons of rum per annum to Weare's executors for five years, then the proceeds would be used to repay Braikenridge & Honywill and after five years the debt to Weare's estate would be forgiven.


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Mary Campbell
John Campbell, Isabella Anne, Charlotte Harriot Catherine

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1803 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Trust beneficiary

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Debtor and creditor: John Fisher owed John Fisher Weare £3700 according to the latter's will....
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Bishops Hull, Somerset, South-west England, England
Tidswell House, Otterton, Exeter, Devon, Devon & Cornwall, England