Daniel King of Tobago

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Once of Tobago, settling in France and apparently there during the Revolution (a Daniel King, a ship-owner, formerly of Tobago was arrested at Dunkirk with his English partner Peter Watson), father of Celia Scott nee King (q.v.) and probably of two other claimants on the Sherwood Park estate in Tobago, and probably the son-in-law of Thomas Bird of Tobago. Died before 1821 and probably before 1819, when John King, possibly Daniel's son but more likely his brother, was shown as of Sherwood Park.

  1. It appears that Daniel King and John King married sisters, the daughters of Thomas Bird of Tobago. John King of Glasgow master in HM's navy, had married Maria Bird, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Bird of Tobago, in Glasgow in 1805; the John King of Sherwood Park Tobago and Argarten [sic] House North Britain who married Margaret, only daughter of James Forster [or Foster] of Carnegie Park near Glasgow in 1819, might be the same man or might conceivably be a son of Daniel King.


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