Edward Tyler Coleman

1791 - 1854

Claimant or beneficiary


Son-in-law of Catherine Haughton Jackson (nee James). He pursued the compensation for the enslaved people on Southfield estate in Jamaica on the grounds that his mother-in-law's annuity had been for the support of her children, including Edward Tyler Coleman's wife, Eliza Ann.

  1. Edward Tyler Coleman was in correspondence with the Commissioners of Slave Compensation in 1837. He wrote on 07/03/1837 pursuing arrears of maintenance for his wife: 'It seems by a letter this day received from her [his wife's] mother Catherine Haughton Jackson, you have paid her the whole amount - by which she [his wife] will be left destitute unless she have redress from you, or be involved in a Law-Suit'. 'If govt decide, that it be equitable to reduce her to starvation...it seems a case of that Nature, that requires Explanation.' A week later the wrote again to thank the Commissioners for telling him and his wife that they were too late to pursue a claim: 'My wife's claim was founded upon the will of her deceased Father Edmund Jackson Esq. who devised Southfield Estate to her Mother, for her life, for the maintenance of herself and children. ' He asked how much did Catherine Haughton Jackson had received 'presuming, as we did not notice the Advertisement, our only remedy now, unfortunately, will be to apply legally to her.'

  2. A fiat of bankruptcy dated 25/06/1836 was awarded against Edward Tyler Coleman, late of Leominster Herefordshire and of Carnaby Street St Marylebone 'scrivener, wine and spirit merchant, dealer and chapman.'


  1. T71/1608 letters from Edward Tyler Coleman, Albion cottage, Spa, Gloucester and 07/03/1837 and 14/3/1837.

  2. London Gazette 19653 07/09/1838 p. 1957.

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Eliza Ann Jackson

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£1,161 8s 5d
Unsuccessful claimant

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Son-in-law → Mother-in-law

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Albion Cottage, Spa, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England