Samuel Byam Athill

1758 - 1832


Samuel Byam Athill, husband of Mary Lynch, leased Nicholas Lynch's estate to William Henry Fremantle, John Bishop, Samuel Turner and Charles Turner, apparently as part of the marriage settlement of [his son] Capt. James Athill [1790-1825] with Miss Selina Bishop. It has been inferred that this was the estate on which he registered 364 enslaved people as proprietor in 1817. Samuel Byam Athill was the father of Maria Turner (nee Athill) and father-in-law of Charles Turner (each of whom q.v.).

  1. Witness to the 1789-1790 Committee on the Slave Trade, when he said he was born on Antigua, left it 1764-1779, member of the Assembly for 5 years, and appointed a counsellor 1786. 'Possesses two estates in Antigua.'


Beinecke Lesser Antilles Collection of Hamilton College, p. 290 M503; T71/245 pp. 304-312.

  1. Dr Samuel Athill, Abridgement of the Minutes of the Evidence: Taken Before a Committee of the Whole Consider the Slave Trade Vol. II part 2 (1790) p.119 et seq.

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