Warwick Pearson

???? - 1832


Merchant in Antigua in partnership with Robert Hyndman (q.v.) but then of Kirkby Lonsdale Westmorland, where he died c. 1832. The connection between the Warwick Pearson of Antigua and the man of the same name of Kirkby Lonsdale is given in a church memorial in Kirkby Lonsdale and supported by the existence of a copy of a William Jowit Titford's Sketches towards a Hortus Botanicus of 1812 inscribed from Warwick Pearson of Kirkby Lonsdale to Thomas Warwick Hyndman (q.v.) of Antigua.

  1. Will of Warwick Pearson, Gentleman of Kirkby Lonsdale proved 22/06/1832. The will makes no mention of property on Antigua. It does make a natural daughter, Elizabeth Bell widow of Henry Humphrey Bell, a prime beneficiary, alongside his married niece Elizabeth Bowstead.

  2. Warwick Pearson of Antigua reportedly bought Hebblethwaite Hall in Sedbergh in 1813.

  3. Warwick Pearson was a partner in the banking firm of Gibson, Pearson and Wilson at Kirkby Lonsdale until its dissolution in January 1830.


http://www.northofthesands.org.uk/westmoreland/surname/47/pearson shows a marker at the church in Kirkby Lonsdale to Warwick Pearson who died 08/02/1832 late of Antigua and Kirkby Lonsdale; http://www.williamreesecompany.com/shop/reeseco/WRCAM37583.html [accessed 09/03/2105]

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