Ann Elizabeth Bayley formerly Ricketts possibly later Bowerbank

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Widow of William Henry Ricketts of Woodhall (q.v., who died in 1805), apparently then remarrying briefly and then marrying again in London in 1808, although there is possible confusion here. She appeared as Ann Elizabeth Bayley (formerly Ricketts) when she proved the will of her first husband in London in 1806; while an Ann Elizabeth Bayley widow married Rev. Lewis Bowerbank (q.v.) in London in 1808, when the witnesses were George St John Ricketts and Alexander Bayley, known to have been the son and son-in-law of Ann Elizabeth Ricketts. However, the Rev. Lewis Bowerbank had a series of children with Ann Elizabeth Bowerbank in the 1810s and 1820s, increasingly implausible for the widow of William Henry Ricketts who had a son c. 1787, while genealogical material indicates that the maiden name of Bowerbank's wife Ann Elizabeth with whom he had children was Redwar. LBS' tentative conclusion is that Rev. Lewis Bowerbank married twice, first to Ann Elizabeth Bayley formerly Ricketts in London in 1808 (from which derived his claim for an annuity on Wood Hall) and secondly to Ann Elizabeth Lynch nee Redwar in Jamaica in 1812.


Mary Louisa Bowerbank, daughter of Rev. Lewis and Ann Elizabeth Bowerbank, is shown as being baptised at St Pancras twice, once on May 31 1830 and once on March 30 1831. If this was an infant, she could not have been the daughter of Ann Elizabeth the widow of William Henry Ricketts, since this couple had a son George St John Ricketts born c. 1787, putting Ann Elizabeth Ricketts date-of-birth as c. 1770.

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(1) William Henry Ricketts (2) ? Bayley (3) ? Lewis Bowerbank
With (1) Sarah Ann, George St John (1787-)

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1806 [EA] - → Joint owner

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