Elizabeth Bogle French (née Jackson)

1790 - 1829


Only child of William Jackson, late Chief Justice of Jamaica. Married Nathaniel Bogle French junior of Dulwich 05/11/1811. Nathaniel Bogle French junior was born in 1786, the son of Nathaniel Bogle French senior (1758-1816 - some sources give 1817) and Elizabeth nee Skottowe (1761-1803). Nathaniel Bogle French jun. died 27/04/1816. The family firm (from which Nathaniel Bogle French jun. retired in 1811) failed in 1815.

  1. Vere Langford Oliver recorded a memorial in Clifton Churchyard in memory of 'ELIZABETH BOGLE FRENCH of the Island of Jamaica, Widow Obiit 19th April, 1829 at Clifton Aetat 39.' This is consistent with the sequence of entries for her estates in Jamaica in the Slave Register, which move from her to 'the estate of Elizabeth Bogle French' c. 1829.

  2. The will of Elizabeth Bogle French formerly Elizabeth Jackson was proved 19/08/1829. In the will she recited the will of her father which, she said, gave her a life interest in his property in other than the Blue Hole estate and the right to leave the property to her children as she saw fit. She had one child with Nathaniel Bogle French, Anna William [sic], and she accordingly left the estates in trust to support her daughter, with the stipulation that John Henry Deffell, one of the trustees, would continue as consignee. Give that the compensation for the two estates shown for her in the Slave Registers (Masters and The Whim, both in St Dorothy) was awarded to her cousin William Jackson (q.v.), it appears that her daughter Anna William [sic] must have died between 1829 and 1834, and the burial records for Anna French of 38 Upper Harley Street [the address of John Henry Deffell] at Trinity Church St Marylebone in 1832 aged 19 confirm her as Elizabeth Jackson's daughter and heir.


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  1. Caribbeana Vol. II.

  2. PROB 11/1759/287.

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Nathaniel Bogle French junior

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Elizabeth Bogle French nee Jackson was the natural daughter, and William Jackson the legitimate nephew, of Hon. William...
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Elizabeth Jackson married Nathaniel Bogle French jun., the grandson of James Bogle...
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