Charles Spooner

???? - 1790


  1. Will of Charles Spooner of Harley Street Cavendish Square proved 02/07/1790. In the will he rehearsed his marriage settlement with his present wife Mary Burt, under which he charged estates in St George Basseterre, St Peter and St Mary Cayon with an annuity for her of £500 p.a. He had, he said, with the consent of his wife since sold some of the estates so that the security was only over those in St Mary Cayon. He had also settled a further £500 p.a. on her secured on an estate called The Levell or Prospect, under mortgage to Richard Oswald for £10,000: the annuity had not been recorded according to St Kitts law. Accordingly, he made a new annuity under the will of £700 p.a. instead of this second £500 p.a., and he provided an annuity of £200 p.a. to Jane Spooner, widow of his deceased brother Hungerford, both of which were to be secured on all his estates in St Kitts, Tortola and Antigua. He entailed his estates on St Kitts and Tortola to his nephew Hungerford Spooner jun. (q.v.), and his estate on Antigua to his nephew Peter [Theodore] Shaw (q.v.) (he held half of Blubber Valley and had the reversion of the other half). His residual heiress was his niece Isabella Spooner.


PROB 11/1194/18.

Further Information

(2) Mary Burt

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1759 [EA] - 1769 [LA] → Owner
1757 [SY] - 1790 [EY] → Tenant-for-life

Under the will of Robert Pearne of Isleworth proved 04/04/1757 Robert Pearne left half his plantation in Antigua to Sir John Willes and half to John Spooner and then Charles Spooner as tenants-for-life The estate was identified elsewhere as Blubber Valley.

- 1790 [EY] → Owner
1790 [EA] - 1790 [LA] → Owner

Shown as owner in 1817 but known to have died in 1790.

Legacies Summary

Physical (1)

Country house
Landford Lodge [Purchased] 
description →
Country house, built by Sir William Heathcote c. 1776, sold to Charles Spooner of Harley Street in 1787, sold by his executors to the Greatheed family...

Relationships (6)

Legatee → Testator
Uncle → Nephew
Notes →
Charles Spooner left in entail his estate [Blubber Valley] on Antigua to his nephew Peter [Theodore] Shaw. ...
Uncle → Nephew
Notes →
Hungerford Spooner was also legatee of slave-property under his uncle's...
Son → Father
Notes →
Charles Spooner was also residuary heir and sole executor of his father....
Uncle → Niece
Notes →
Isabella Hannah nee Spooner was residuary heiress of her uncle Charles Spooner....

Addresses (1)

Harley Street, London, Middlesex, London, England