Captain Lestock Wilson formerly Cockburn

???? - 1821


Trustee named in the will of Arthur Iredell (q.v.) charged with disposing of Pindar's Valley estate and distributing the proceeds among Iredell's children when they each reached the age of 21. Commander of the ship 'Exeter' in the service of the East India Company when Iredell wrote his will in 1798. He was the son of Elizabeth Cockburn nee Wilson (q.v.): his parents were separated.

  1. Will of Captain Lestock Wilson commander of the Exeter East Indiaman of Epping proved 22/08/1821. The will made in 1798 is generic, dividing his estate into halves for his wife for life (with £5000 outright) and for their children if any: administration was granted in 1821 to Lestock Peach Wilson the son one of the residuary legatees after John Peter Boileau the surviving trustee [and Wilson's brother-in-law] had renounced his roles [Arthur Iredell, the other trustee, had died previously].


  1. PROB 11/1647/266.

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Lestock Peach

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Co-founding partner
Palmer, McKillop, Dent & Co.
East India merchant  

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Son → Mother
Trustee → Testator
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The two men were each trustees of the...
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Epping, Essex, South-east England, England