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  1. John Neilson, born 1787 in Belfast, of Scots Irish, Presbyterian descent. Moved to Jamaica with his wife Letitia c. 1815 and purchased two or three unnamed pens near Kingston. Later purchased Ramble Pen in St Ann and then New York Pen, also in St Ann. Died in Jamaica c. 1840. His widow remained on the estate after his death, dying during or after 1878. John Nielson's grandson journeyed from Liverpool to Jamaica in 1886 to visit his maiden aunt, the only surviving child of John and Letitia, who was living a hand to mouth existence on the old estate. Current generations of the family first discovered their ownership of the estate when two men from the Colonial Office visited Neilson's great-grandson in Liverpool in 1958 to inform him of ownership of a ruinate estate in Jamaica.

  2. Jane Neilson, daughter of John Neilson and Letitia his wife, late Ross, spinster, born 18/11/1815 and baptised in Kingston, 22/10/1816. Matilda Neilson, same parents, born 26/01/1817 and baptised 08/09/1817 in Kingston. Matilda Neilson, spinster, a teacher, age 90 years, died at New York in St Ann 01/12/1906.


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Letitia Ross
Jane (1815-), Matilda (1817-1906)
Coffee planter

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