William Robinson

???? - 1808


Owner of Friendship pen in St Elizabeth, Jamaica. In Great Britain from at least 1779 to 1789. Deceased c. 1808.

  1. Will of William Robinson of Saint Elizabeth County of Cornwall Island of Jamaica, West Indies proved 14/04/1809. He made provision for two natural families in Jamaica and left legacies to his brother's family in Kendall in England with his residuary legatees his son and daughter Augustus Facey Robinson and Mary Robinson.


  1. PROB 11/1496/122.

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PROB 11/1496/122 - precis.

William Robinson of the parish of St Elizabeth, Jamaica.

To my godson of my brother Rev. Henry Robinson of Kendall in Westmoreland, Britain, £300.

To my nephew Henry Robinson, son of my brother above, £200.

To my niece Mary Ann Robinson, daughter of my said brother, £100.

To Francis Gibborn[?] of 31 Kings Street, Covent Garden, £2 guineas.

To Peggy Powell, a free woman of colour by whom I have two chidren, that run of land called Quands[?] as per ground plot annexed for her own use for her natural life. And during that time £50 per annum and the further sum of £10 per annum to be expended in keeping up the furniture and meding the fences against trespasses. And a piece of meat may be given to her when a goat, sheep or hog is filled for the de[?] of the overseer. She be allowed a woman to wash for her and to run of Friendship pen one mare[?] which she now possesses marked PP and two cows, one of which she now has.

To Peggy Powell's son William Robinson, born 06/12/1801, £1,000, and to her second son who is to be named Henry Robinson one other sum of £1,000 Jamaican currency when they attain the age of 21 years. My executors to see that William and Henry Robinson are decently educated in England and brought up to some trade that they may get an honest living, and charge my estate with the amount of such expenses. I also recommend these boys to the care of my son Augustus F. Robinson particularly, and to my daughter Mary Robinson who will upon the survival of maturer years be convinced that they have as infants themselves been highly protected and affectionately treated by a loving father.

To Jane Collingwood, a free woman of colour, 25 acres of land near Lynn Hill which she has now in possession and the [?] hereunto annexed during the term of her natural life and it is my will that the same may be open and planted and that a decent house be kept in repair for her, chargeable to my estate. Also to her two Negroes to be purchased by my executors. And she having any children of my body begotten I then bequeath the aforesaid 25 acres to him or her after her decease, and they to be treated in like manner as my before mentioned two children, giving to each of them £1,000 Jamaican currency at age 21 years.

To my executor Thomas Powell, £500 sterling.

All rest and residue to my friends John Chambers Esqurie of Northampton, Dr John Robertson of Bellemont, my present manager, Mr Thomas Powell of St Elizabeth, my brother Henry Robinson and David Samuda of the city of London, merchants, upon trust for the purposes hereintoafter declared. If they think it prudent and necessary they do sell the remainder for the benefit of my estate for the benefit of my son Augustus Pacy [sic] Robinson and my daughter Mary Robinson in equal proportions, to be paid at age 21 or (for my daughter) at marriage if before age 21. If both die before age 21, then to Peggy Powell's William and Henry Robinson £2,000 Jamaican currency each, and the same to any heir of my body begotten by Jane Collingwood, any remainder to my brother Henry Robinson and his heirs.

John Chambers, John Robertson, Henry Robinson and David Samuda to be my executors in England and guardians of my children.

Signed 20/01/1806.

Proved in London 14/04/1809.

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