Richard Brodie

???? - 1796


Resident Jamaica slave-owner, dying in St Ann's December 1796 'a very old and respectable inhabitant.'

  1. Apparently Dr Richard Brodie MD, born 06/11/1752, son of Rev James Brodie and his wife Anne, daughter of James Murray of Clairdon. His father was minister of Latheron in Caithness, Scotland, from 1734.

  2. Married Elizabeth Cross in Trelawny in 1781. 'Messrs Richard Brodie and Urquhart Gillespie were registered in Trelawny as medical practitioners in 1783. Richard and Elizabeth Brodie had six children baptised in Jamaica: Oswald (1785), William Cross (1785), Mary D'Raymond (1787), Ann (1792), William Barnett (1792) and Elizabeth Brady (1794). Margaret, daughter of Dr Richard Brodie by Sarah Burnett, "a free person of colour", was born 03/04/1796 and baptised in Trelawny 24/01/1800.

  3. Dr Richard Brodie was buried at Berrydale, St Ann, 14/12/1796.


Columbian Magazine December 1796 [excerpted in Caribbeana Vol. IV p. 207].

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