Henry Augustus Fuller

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Eldest son and main heir of Peeke Fuller (q.v.). Administration of the will of Henry Augustus Fuller of St Dorothy, made in 1807, was granted to his brother Frederick Hervey Fuller in 1818. The will was signed by mark: this attracted attention in the litigation that culminated in Fuller v Willis in 1831.


PROB 11/1603/211; The Legal Observer, Or, Journal of Jurisprudence, May-October 1831 (1831) Volume 2 pp. 302-303.

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PROB 11/1603/211 - precis.

Henry Augustus Fuller.

Purchase and manumit a Negro Woman named Molly belonging to Thetford Pen and £40 and my wearing apparel to her.

All rest and residue both real and personal to my brother Frederick Hervey Fuller and my sisters Caroline Fuller, Catherine Fuller, Louisa Fuller and Isabella Fuller.

Samuel Queneborough and Charles Smith to be executors.

Signed 25/07/1807.

Administration granted to brother Frederick Hervey Fuller in London 16/04/1818, the executors having died before accepting the undertaking.

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