John Brathwaite Esq.

1722 - 1800


Slave-owner in Barbados, active in London as agent for the colony and dying in London in 1800.

  1. In a List of inhabitants of St Peter, Barbados, 1780, Brathwaite was listed as owning 265 enslaved. Almost certainly the same man as the John Brathwaite who was among the signatories of the 1783 Address to George III by the planters of the West India islands residing in Great Britain and the merchants trading to those islands, and in turn the same man as the John Brathwaite of Barbados residing in St Marylebone whose will was proved in 1800.

  2. Will of John Brathwaite of St Marylebone proved 13/10/1800. In the will he left all his estates in the parishes of St Peter, St James and St Andrew called Rock Hall and Four Hills to his great-nephew John Brathwaite Skeete, son of John Brathwaite's nephew John Skeete and grandson of John Brathwaite's sister Elizabeth Skeete. He left his estates in St Philip called Three Houses and Thicketts [sic] in trust for his nephew Miles Brathwaite for life and then to Miles' son, also John.

  3. John Brathwaite (or Braithwaite) was the agent for Barbados, 1792-1800 and attended a meeting of the Slave trade sub-committee of the Committee of West India Planters and Merchants in London, 1792.


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- 1800 [EY] → Owner

He had possibly been the owner since 1778

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The Brathwaite Memorial [Built] 
description →
Memorial to John Brathwaite in St Martin's Church, Epsom, designed by John Flaxman at the cost of 180 guineas in 1801. The inscription reportedly reads: 'Sacred to the Memory of JOHN BRATHWAITE ESQ.,...

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Great-uncle → Great-nephew
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Great-uncle and great-nephew respectively. John Bathwaite Skeete was the primary heir under the will of John Brathwaite proved in 1800....
Uncle → Nephew

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St Marylebone, London, Middlesex, London, England