Isabella Wedderburn Colvile (née Blackburn)

4th Feb 1756 - 14th Jan 1821


Daughter of Andrew Blackburn, one of the Glasgow Tobacco Lords. Married James Wedderburn Colvile (q.v.). Upon inheriting the title Colvile from her mother, her and husband assumed the additional name Colvile. Her husband left an annuity of £700, which was agreed in the couple's marriage settlement. She was also given use of the family house Inveresk for life.


Will of James Wedderburn Colvile, 2/4/1808, TNA/PROB 11/1477/19.

Further Information

Maiden Name
James Wedderburn Colvile

Relationships (9)

Sister-in-law → Brother-in-law
Mother → Son
Wife → Husband
Mother → Daughter
Mother → Son
Mother → Son
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