John Stockdale Brown

1760 - 3rd Aug 1819


Bristol-born owner of Sportsmans Hall in Trelawney, Jamaica. Resident in Jamaica in the 1790s but absent by 1817.

  1. Sportsmans Hall in Trelawney is registered to John S. Brown from 1809 to 1818 and to the heirs of John S. Brown from 1820. The enslaved people on this estate were registered by David Richards as attorney to John S. Brown Esquire in the Slave Register of 1817.

  2. John Stockdale Brown was baptised 11/06/1760 in St Augustine the Less, Bristol the son of Wm Brown and his wife Sarah. He married Letitia Brennand in Trelawney, 03/08/1789. At least three children were born to this couple and baptised in Trelawney: Mary Ann (1792), John (1792) and Hugh (1795). Two other children were baptised with the parents John Stockdale Brown and Mary Campbell, presumably illegitimate: William (1795) and Rosanna (1795).

  3. Letitia Brennand was baptised in Holborn 10/09/1769, the daughter of William Brennand and his wife Ann. Her sister Mary Ann had been baptised in the same place the previous year. This is very likely to be the Mary Ann Barnett (nee Brennand) who married Hugh Barnett II of Biddeford estate, making Mary Ann the sister-in-law of John Stockdale Brown.

  4. John Stockdale Brown esq., died Clifton, Jul 29, of Sportsman’s Hall, Trelawney, Jamaica, Obit. 2.8.1819.

We are grateful to Pauline McQuade for her assistance with compiling this entry.


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We are grateful to Pauline McQuade for her assistance with compiling this entry.

Further Information

Letitia Bornnand
Letitia, Mary Ann, John, Hugh. [illeg., with Mary Campbell] William, Rosanna

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Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England
Bristol, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England