Catherine Atherton

1771 - ????


Daughter of Richard Atherton, a woollen draper from Preston, and his wife Mary. Inherited £3000 from her father Richard (d. 1804, secured on his Jamaica estates) and a further £2,000 from her brother Edward (d. 1821, secured on Green Park and Spring Vale in Jamaica).

Her father Richard had expected to inherit a half-share in Green Park and Spring Vale on the death of his brother John. In fact, Richard predeceased John so the £8,000 Richard bequeathed to each of his daughters, secured on Green Park and Spring Vale, was never passed to her.

A spinster of Clifton, Bristol, when she wrote her will in 1838. The will was proved by her surviving sister Elizabeth Atherton in 1856.


See entries for Richard Atherton and Edward Atherton.

PROB 11/2239/375.

Further Information


PROB 11/2239/375 - precis.

Catherine Atherton of Clifton in the borough of Bristol, spinster.

All my estate to my sisters Elizabeth Atherton and Mary Atherton. Should either die in my lifetime then the whole to the survivor of them.

Sisters to be executors.

Signed 26/01/1838.

Proved in London 22/10/1856 by Elizabeth Atherton, spinster.

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Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England
Preston, Lancashire, North-west England, England