John Nurse

1754 - 1806


Resident slave-owner in Barbados.

  1. John Nurse is estimated to have been born in 1754. He married Elizabeth Hannah Nurse [nee Bushell] and he was buried in St Philip's Church, Barbados, 7 May 1806. The burial record notes that he was the owner of the Horns & Todds estate.

  2. Note that John Nurse also appeared to own 94½ acres of the Plantynes estate, St John. At his death this was valued at £3,000 and there are no enslaved listed as associated with this property. Similarly, there is an inventory of a piece of land of 63 acres valued at £4,462 10 0d and called the Nursery. Again, no associated enslaved listed.


  1. Barbados Church Records, 1637-1887, FamilySearch: John Nurse and additional entry.

  2. Barbados Department of Archives. Inventories.

Further Information

Elizabeth Hannah Bushell

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1802 [EA] - 1806 [LA] → Owner
- 1806 [LA] → Owner
- 1806 [LA] → Owner
1794 [EA] - 1806 [LA] → Owner

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