Dr Ashton Warner

???? - 1789


Husband of Rachel Warner nee Pare (q.v.), owner of Belvidere (formerly Hornes) in St John's Parish Antigua, which he had purchased 'of Valentine Morris Horne.' In his will dated 05/04/1789 he said: 'I do not wish Belvidere to be sold, but give it to Mrs Massett for life & after her death to my nephew Tho. Norbury Kerby.' Mrs Massett was Mary Ann Massett, a widow in Antigua: she was also left other property under Ashton Warner's will. Rachel Warner described Belvidere as 'my plantation' in her will of 1805, implying she had overturned her husband's bequests.


The wills are summarised in Vere Langford Oliver History of Antigua Vol. III p. 192 'Warner Family'.

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Rachel Pare

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- 1789 [EY] → Owner

In his will of 1789, Dr Ashton Warner said that he had purchased 'Hornes but now Belvidere in St John's parish' from Valentine Morris Horne. He said he did not wish Belvidere to be sold but gave it to Mrs Massett for life, and then to his nephew Thomas Norbury Kerby. According to Vere Langford Oliver the sale took place before 1771, when Valentine Morris Horne removed to Grenada.

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