John Crosbie

???? - 1814


Antigua planter, owner of Crosbie's, which he left in trust for his grand-daughter Sarah Frances Warner Way. In 1832 Sarah Frances Warner Way and her husband John Stone of Long Grendon executed a deed with John Gustavus Crosbie and Charles Crosbie, in which the former couple acknowledged that her interest had no value given that the mortgage debts in which the two Crosbies were interested 'greatly exceed the value of the property disposed of by John Crosbie's will' and accordingly transferred her interest to the two Crosbies. The mortgagee appears from the Slave Registers to have been William Crosbie, brother of John and uncle of John Gustavus.


Vere Langford Oliver History of Antigua Vol. III pp. 223-225.

Further Information

Jane Farley nee Moore
Elizabeth Garrett Ross; Sarah

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- 1814 [EY] → Owner

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Uncle → Nephew
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William Crosbie was also mortgagee of his brother's Crosbie estate on...
Grandfather → Grand-daughter
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Sarah Stone nee Way was also heir of John Crosbie....