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Of Edinburgh, trustee and executor of his brother David Hutchison. Of advanced age and having no family dependent on him when David wrote his will c. 1820. Bequeathed £1,000 in David's will. Possibly the son of George Hutchison, a merchant in Ayr, and his wife Isobel Galloway. This couple had at least 5 children, all born and/or baptised in Ayr: John (1751), Cathcart (1753), Hugh (1755), David (1761) and Agnes Jean (1765). Agnes Jean Hutchison, daughter of George Hutchison, married William Hutchison in Edinburgh, 12/04/1799. This tallies with the details in David Hutchison's will.


See entry for David Hutchison.

Further Information

Isabella Cunningham

SC70/1/40 - precis.

George Hutchison Esquire, late Lieutenant Colonel in the service of the honorable East India Company now residing in Edinbrugh.

Mrs Isabella Hutchison my wife, the Honorable David Cathcart of Alloway[?] one of the Senators of the College of Justice, John Cunninghame Esquire Advocate, James Campbell of Walton Park, late Major in the Hon. East India Co., John Hutchison Fergusson Esquire of Tochnague[?], Alexander Austin Esquire, Writer to the Signet and Arthur Campbell, Writer to the Signet, all to be trustees for my estate (excepting my house in Heriot Row now secured to Mrs Isabella Hutchison by another deed executed by me).

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1820 [SY] - → Trustee and Executor

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Edinburgh, Midlothian (Edinburgh), Central Scotland, Scotland