Jannett Mathew (née Buckley)

???? - 1812


Daughter and heir of William Buckley of St Kitts. She married Abednego Mathew of Handley 1752, but the couple separated in 1759. Jannett Mathew appears to have retained control of her property, which she willed in 1812.

  1. Will of Jannett Mathew widow of St Marylebone proved 17/11/1812. In the will she recited the fact that upon his marriage she had on 27th and 28th August 1795 settled on her son Abednego Mathew in trust an unnamed estate on St Kitts [almost certainly Buckley's], and under her will she left her remainder interest in the estate to him. She had also on the marriage of her late daughter Mary Viscountess Carlton [sic] settled £5000 secured by her [the testatrix's] bond, payable on her [the testatrix's] death, of which she had already advanced £2000, but she redirected the whole £5000 to her daughter Lydia Payne Botham should she [the testatrix] survive Viscount Carl[e]ton, since her daughter Mary had died without issue. She had made a similar settlement on Lydia Payne but in her case left the £5000 to Lydia's husband should Lydia die without issue. After monetary legacies of £1500 to the Mure family she left the remainder of her estate to her son Abednego. In a codicil of 1812 she said that after that year she intended to make over the management of 'my West India estate' to her son Abednego Mathew, and to make over to him also all the profit above the £1000 p.a. which she was to keep for herself, but that for the current year she wished to leave to her daughter Lydia all the sugar and all the balances of cash in the hands of her merchant Manning & Anderdon arising from that or preceding years.


  1. PROB 11/1539/359.

Further Information

Maiden Name
Abednego Mathew
Abednego; Mary; Lydia Payne

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1755 [SY] - 1812 [EY] → Owner

Jannett Mathew willed an unnamed estate, almost certainly Buckley's, and the enslaved people on it, to her son Abednego Mathew in 1812. She had inherited the estate from her father William Buckley c. 1755, and apparently retained control of it through her separation from her husband in 1759.

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Wife → Husband
Notes →
The couple separated in 1759, according to Vere Langford...
Mother → Son
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Abednego Mathew was also his mother's heir....

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St Marylebone, London, Middlesex, London, England