Anthony Cunyngham senior

1746 - 1828


  1. Anthony Cunyngham son of Daniel of Hampton Middlesex matriculated Balliol Oxford in 27/10/1763 aged 17. A death certificate dated 1829 but referring to a death-date of 15/08/1828 posted on a genealogical website shows the death at Lille of an Antoine Cunyngham 'rentier gentilhomme anglais, age de quatre-vingt deux ans ne a Kingston pres de Londres' and identifies him as the son of Daniel Cunyngham and Elizabeth Hodges. This must be the same man as the man matriculating at Balliol. The same site does not, however, identify any Anthony Cunyngham as the son of Anthony Cunyngham (1746-1828). Nevertheless, Henrietta Susan Faille of Lille, described in the compensation records as the sister of Anthony Cunyngham of the claim, made a counterclaim on Cunynghams. She is shown in the same genealogical source as the daughter of Anthony Cunyngham (the latter's birthdate is given as 1764, which is clearly erroneous for 1746). Therefore the Anthony Cunyngham of the claim must have been the son of Anthony Cunyngham (1746-1828), and the cousin of the Pearce Hall sisters (q.v.) who also counterclaimed.

  2. Under the will of Robert Cuningham or Cunyngham of Stone House Salop (proved 06/05/1766) the equity of redemption in his St Kitts's estates was left in trust to his brother Anthony Cunyngham: the will also refers to their sister Elizabeth Philadelphia, wife of Charles Pearce.

  3. Members of the Roberdeau family, descended from Daniel Cunyngham's sister Mary, appear to have pursued civil claims on the St Kitts estates well before the compensation process (in which they have not been traced to date) based on the belief (or assertion) that Anthony Cunyngham (the man born c. 1746) had died without issue and that the male line was thus extinguished.

  4. A letter to the Commissioners from Jarvis and Smith 12/10/1836 expressing their surprise that the Commission had disposed of this claim (on Cunynghams) by appropriating £1556 5s to Messrs Smith Payne & Smith, and £500 to the Misses Hall says - ambiguously - that Anthony Pogson had been acting for Mr Cunnyngham 'up to day of his death in August last', and was negotiating with Smith Payne & Smith and the Misses Hall towards a settlement of claims. The firm had been waiting for instructions, but now found the compensation money had been awarded. It is not clear whether the death refers to that of 'Mr Cunnyngham' or to Anthony Pogson. The will of Anthony Preston Pogson gentleman of the island of St Christopher was proved 05/07/1839, suggesting that the earlier death referred to by Jarvis and Smith was probably that of Anthony Cunyngham of Lille. The family's links to Lille went back to the mother of Daniel Cunyngham (1704-1776).


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