Samuel Span the elder

???? - 1795


  1. Will of Samuel Span of Bristol Gloucestershire proved 13/01/1796. Under the will he left £5000 to his daughter Ann at 21 or on marriage, and directed that of the £2500 due under his marriage settlement to his children twenty shillings should go to each of his sons John and Samuel and £2498 to his daughter Ann. He left his real estate in the West Indies, including the entire island called Union Island comprising 3000 acres in the Grenadines in the government of St Vincent, in trust to raise £15,000 by mortgaging as much of it as necessary, to be raised by £5000 to £20,000 if the enslaved people on it were held to be real estate and attached to it rather than as personalty; subject to this charge, he left the Union Island estate to his eldest son John, and his residual estate to his sons John and Samuel equally.


  1. PROB 11/1270/135.

Further Information

Ann; John; Samuel

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1786 [SY] - → Mortgage Holder

Span repaid the mortgage held by the assignees of Mills and Swanston of £4029 10s 2d against the estate and agreed to accept and buy the bills of exchange issued by Charles John Warner to finance the latter's expenses in the purchase of the estate and enslaved people in 1786; in turn Span secured his exposure.

- 1796 [EY] → Owner

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Father → Son
Father → Daughter

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Bristol, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England