Crisp Molineux

1730 - 4th Dec 1792


Returned slave-owner of St Kitts, MP and landowner.

  1. Born in St Kitts, the son of Charles Laval Molineux of St. Kitts and Margaret, daughter of Col. Joseph Crisp of St. Kitts. Came to Britain in 1754, buying Garboldisham Hall shortly after. MP for Castle Rising (1771-1774) and King's Lynn (1774-1790). In a speech of 21 May 1789, he strongly opposed the abolition of the slave trade (while praising Pitt as Prime Minister).

  2. Will of Crisp Molineux of Garboldisham proved 16/05/1793. His main heir in tail was his grandson Crisp Molineux Montgomerie (q.v.), who in the event does not appear to have succeeded to all his estates: in the will of Crisp Molineux's son George Molineux Montgomerie proved in 1804, George commented that his third son Thomas Crisp Montgomerie was well provided for under his grandfather's will, and later that after the death of his second son William, his [George's] father's estates had passed to his [George's] third son Thomas Crisp Montgomerie. Crisp Molineux made it a condition of his will that his heirs take the names and arms Crisp and Molineux in memory of his 'good mother' from whom the Crisps estate descended.


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  2. PROB 11/1232/158. This long trust will has not yet been fully analysed by LBS.

Further Information

Catherine Montgomerie
Cambridge (St John's) [1748 ]

Legacies Summary

Cultural (1)

In his will, Crisp Molineux willed his portrait by Opie to his daughter Dame Elizabeth Burnaby. This portrait is now reportedly held by Norfolk Museums Norwich.... 
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Physical (1)

Country house
Garboldisham Hall, Norfolk [Purchased] 
description →
Post-mediaeval Great House, bought by Crisp Molineux shortly after his arrival from St Kitts in 1754, modified by Crisp Molineux, and demolished in 1955 after a fire. Some images of Garboldisham Old...

Political (1)

West India interest 
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Castle Rising Norfolk
1771 - 1774
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King's Lynn Norfolk
1774 - 1790

Relationships (7)

Grandson → Grandfather
Grandfather → Grandson
Grandfather → Grandson
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Thomas Crisp Molineux Montgomerie became the heir of Crisp Molineux after the death of his brother William....
Father-in-law → Daughter-in-law
Grandfather → Grandson
Other relatives
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Crisp Molineux was described as 'cousin' of John Davis Molineux in the latter's will, of which John Davis Molineux was on of the...
Father → Son

Addresses (1)

Garboldisham Hall, Garboldisham, Norfolk, East Anglia, England