Thomas Lucas Wheeler

???? - 1792


Residuary heir of Thomas Lucas of Lee (q.v.).

  1. In his will made in 1786 and proved 09/07/1792, Thomas Lucas Wheeler left his residuary interest (after the life-interest of Elizabeth Angerstein formerly Lee) in the estate of Thomas Lucas in England to John Beach (q.v.) of Lime Street and Thomas Plummer (q.v.) of Peckham in Surrey in trust for Elizabeth Angerstein and her heirs, and his slave-property on St Kitts to John Beach subject to the annuities charged on it by Thomas Lucas, and he [Thomas Lucas Wheeler] charged a further £150 p.a. on it in favour of William Beach (q.v.). From his residuary estate he ordered his trustees to pay a series of annuities to individuals of various degrees of kinship to Thomas Lucas of Lee totalling £250 p.a. and a further £40 p.a to Charles Johnson, identified as Thomas Lucas of Lee's former butler, together with monetary legacies of some £6100. Then in a codicil of 1789, he (1) revoked the bequest of his residuary interest in the English estate to Elizabeth Angerstein and left it instead to Joseph Paice (2) diverted the annuity he had left to William Beach (who had since died) to trustees for Mary Gould instead and (3) revoked most of the annuities and legacies to Thomas Lucas' kin. In a further codicil of 1790 he revoked the bequest of his St Kitts estate to John Beach and left it instead to Joseph Paice [who then assigned a half-share to John Beach, according to the latter's will].

  2. Adm. Fell.-Com. (age 18) at TRINITY, Nov. 1, 1776. S. of Daniel, of Honiton, Devon. School, Wandsworth, London. Matric. Michs. 1776. There is a portrait of him (1778) by John Downman, in the Fitzwilliam Museum.

  3. In 1798, an annuity of £150 p.a. to Mary Gould confectioner of New Bond Street aged about 43, given and bequeathed by Thomas Lucas Wheeler in a codicil to his will and secured on certain estates [and enslaved people] on St Kitts, was placed for auction by Mary Gould's assignees in bankruptcy.


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  3. London Gazette 14099, 17 March 1798 p. 241.

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1784 [SY] - → Tenant-in-tail or Remainderman

As residuary heir of Thomas Lucas of Lee, Thomas Lucas Wheeler was heir to an unnamed estate [but almost certainly Lucas's] on St Kitts, subject to the annuity of Thomas Lucas's widow Eliza. Anthony Twist characterises her interest in the estate as a life-interest which he says she almost immediately sold after her re-marriage to John Julius Angerstein.

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Portrait by John Downman, held by the Fitzwilliam Museum,... 
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Thomas Lucas Wheeler was the residuary legatee of Thomas Lucas of Lee....
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In a codicil to his will, Thomas Lucas Wheeler revoked his legacy of his St Kitts's property to John...
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