Rowland Otto Baijer or Bayer the elder

1726 - 1762


  1. Will of Rowland Otto Bayer late of Antigua but now of New Ormond Street St Andrew Holborn proved 12/10/1762. In the will he left his estate of Vaughan's and the enslaved people on it in North Sound to his son Rowland Otto Baijer unless his eldest son John Otto Baijer who was incapacitated recovered from his 'infirmity'. He left his wife Elizabeth £300 and his daughters Frances Rachael, Mary Otto and Catherine £1000 each and annuities of £52 p.a. each. In a codicil he raised the legacies to his daughters to £1500 each. In a codicil dated 26/11/1761 the testator said 'My son Rowland will probably inherit Pares' estate, his mother's', as well as Vaughans. In a final codicil of 1762 he confirmed his heir as Rowland Otto Baijer, and left his son John Otto Baijer an annuity of £120 p.a.


  1. PROB 11/880/318

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Elizabeth Pare

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